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  • City of Pendleton - How the City of Pendleton Decides Which Streets to Repave

    by City of Pendleton | Jul 29, 2021
    In the City of Pendleton, roads have been a hot-button issue for many years. The deteriorating state of some streets has been a subject of scrutiny both within the city government as well as in private groups. We have created this informational site in order to be more transparent and to help inform the public of how decisions are made on which roads to repave, as well as how much money it takes to repair and maintain roads.
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  • City of Pleasant Hill's Pavement Management System

    by City of Pleasent Hill | Jul 16, 2020
    The PMS is a computer-assisted management tool to inventory street pavement, assess pavement conditions, record historical maintenance, forecast budget needs in the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) and view the impacts of funding on City-wide pavement conditions over time.
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  • StreetSaver GIS Pricing Change

    by StreetSaver | Sep 30, 2019
    Effective November 1, 2019, GIS Mapping Integration will increase in pricing.
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  • StreetSaver to Showcase at 2019 NWPMA Conference

    by Jose Reyes | Jul 16, 2019
    On October 22nd – 25th StreetSaver will showcase at the 2019 Northwest Pavement Management Association Conference (NWPMA).
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  • StreetSaver to Present at the TRB Conference on Performance and Data in Transportation Decision Making

    by TRB | Jul 16, 2019
    RB, in partnership with AASHTO and AMPO, is sponsoring a conference on the use of data to inform decisions in transportation planning and management.
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  • Case Study: City of Dixon

    by NICK SESTANOVICH | | | Apr 24, 2019
    This Tuesday, the Dixon City Council is taking it to the streets. No, there won’t be any picketing and it won’t be held outdoors, but potential streets for inclusion in the Pavement Rehabilitation Streets List for the 2019-20 fiscal year is on the agenda for this week’s meeting.
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  • Pavement Management Efforts Get Boost With MTC Software

    by MTC | Mar 18, 2019
    The Metropolitan Transportation Commission introduced software, dubbed MobileRater(TM), for hand-held computers to help city and county public works departments and others improve the maintenance of local streets and roads by accelerating the collection of pavement distress data. MobileRater(TM) is fully compatible with MTC's popular StreetSaver(R) Online program, which is used by nearly 400 municipalities nationwide to most efficiently invest their limited maintenance funds.
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  • Case Study: City of Belmont

    by City of Belmont | Jan 17, 2019
    The City is responsible for the operation, repair and maintenance of approximately 70 centerline miles (140 travel lane miles) of streets with a pavement replacement value of over $227 million in present day (2018) dollars. In November 2016, Belmont voters approved the Belmont Streets and City Services Measure (Measure I), a half-cent general tax that will generate approximately $1.3 million annually for local infrastructure. The City Council has allocated $1M per year towards street pavement beginning with Fiscal Year 2018.
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  • Case Study: City of Santa Clarita

    by City of Santa Clarita | Nov 13, 2018
    The Santa Clarita robust "Road Rehab" program completes over 100 overlay and slurry projects annually. Trying to be communicative with residents, businesses and schools regarding rehab schedules improved dramatically with an easy-to-use online website. In addition, new best practices resulted in an increase in productivity for a smoother ride.
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  • News from MTC: Proposition 6 Would Decimate Local Road Budget

    by Sui Tan (MTC) | Oct 02, 2018
    Yes, you read it right. This November, California voters will consider Proposition 6, which would repeal Senate Bill 1 (SB 1), the most significant dedicated source of transportation funding in California history. The measure would cut over $200 million per year from road maintenance budgets for the Bay Area’s local streets and roads. Proposition 6 also would subject any future tax on motor vehicle fuel, or vehicles themselves, to voters’ approval. Consequently, this measure would make future efforts to fund improvements of transportation through taxes extremely challenging. Effectively, Proposition 6 would deal a severe blow to the condition of the California's highways and local streets and roads.
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  • Case Study: Tupelo, MS - Public Works Plans Paving Push

    by Caleb Bedillion - Daily Journal | Sep 27, 2018
    With the Tupelo City Council’s appropriation of an additional $1 million in road paving money, Public Works is already prepping a packed paving calendar next year.
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  • Case Study: City of San Pablo

    by City of San Pablo | Aug 29, 2018
    The City has approximately 48 miles of paved streets to maintain. With the help of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission's (MTC) StreetSaver Pavement Management Program, the City is making cost-effective decisions
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  • StreetSaver to Showcase at 2018 NWPMA Conference

    by Jose Reyes | Aug 14, 2018
    On October 23rd – 26th StreetSaver will showcase at the 2018 Northwest Pavement Management Association Conference (NWPMA).
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  • Building Parking Lots to Last

    by Mark Buncher, P.E., PhD and Tony Kriech | Jun 28, 2018
    The Heritage Group opened their new Innovation Center and Research Laboratory in Indianapolis in August 2017. While the building and lab is a state-of-the-art facility, the associated roads and parking lots were also designed and built with state-of-the-practice innovation, features and engineering prowess to ensure optimal performance.
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  • The Daily Journal - OUR OPINION: Start discussions now on road repair plans

    by The Daily Journal | Apr 06, 2018
    With new reports and information on the condition of Tupelo’s local street system, city leaders have an important task ahead of them in determining a long-term plan for maintaining and repairing a vital resource while also being diligent stewards of taxpayer dollars.
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  • City of Benicia Uses StreetSaver to Raise PCI

    by City of Benicia | Jan 31, 2018
    The City of Benicia is responsible for the management, repair, and maintenance of approximately 196 lane miles of pavement and is valued at $111.5 million. As of 2016, the City's average Pavement Condition Index (PCI) is 54. The PCI is a measurement of pavement grade or condition and ranges from 0 (failed) to 100 (new).
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  • Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) to Hold Free Webinars

    by FHWA | Dec 19, 2017
    FHWA, in cooperation with the AASHTO Joint Technical Committee on Pavements, TRB Committee AFD10, Pavement Management Systems, and AFD20, Pavement Condition Evaluation, is hosting a series of quarterly webinars on pavement management. The purpose of the webinars is to provide a forum for education and communication for pavement management practitioners.
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  • Heated Pavement Technology Tested at Des Moines International Airport

    by Iowa State University | Nov 20, 2017
    Iowa State University's Halil Ceylan picked up his smartphone, opened up an app and called up the remote controls for the first full-scale test slabs of electrically conductive concrete installed at an American airport. When a winter storm approaches, Ceylan can use that app to turn on the heated pavement system and, thanks to real-time video capability, watch as snow and ice melts away.
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  • Asphalt Institute Offers Free Asphalt Webinar Series

    by Asphalt Institute | Nov 20, 2017
    As part of the effort to support pavement preservation, Asphalt Institute is announcing that 12 of their recorded webinars on topics related to PP will be offered for free. The speakers on the webinars are experienced industry professionals or members of AI’s staff. We hope these recorded webinars will be a valuable training resource for agency and industry groups that want to learn more about emulsified asphalt as well as design and construction of emulsified asphalt applications and pavement preservation treatments.
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  • Case Study: City of Elk Grove

    by City of Elk Grove | Oct 02, 2017
    The City of Elk Grove is responsible for the maintenance of nearly 1,150 lane miles of roadway with over 90 million square feet of pavement. The goal of the Pavement Management Program is to maintain the city’s pavement in the best condition possible given the funding available. Each year, preventive maintenance treatments are performed on various City streets. These treatment projects are intended to extend the life of the pavement and avoid more costly repair or replacement of streets.
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