Gather survey data on Android and iOS Devices

mobileRater for Android and iOS is an app for pavement distress data collection with a built-in pavement condition index (PCI) calculator. This application is fully compatible with StreetSaver and runs on any Android and iOS device - your phone, or your tablet.

It is designed to assist pavement raters to record inspection data quickly and accurately. It can calculate PCI on the spot, thus improving quality control. It also has the ability to record multiple distresses at the same time, just the way raters would record on paper. At the end of the day, just connect the device to the internet and upload. All of the distress data collected will be easily and promptly imported to the StreetSaver server.

mobileRater for Android and iOS


  • ASTM D6433 Compliant - Weathering and Raveling are separate distresses
  • Choice of MTC's 7-distress (Modified ASTM D6433) or Paver's 20-distress
  • Real-time PCI calculation
  • Provides for secure and easy one-click transfer of data to online servers
  • Records multiple distresses at once
  • Collects PCC surface distress data by slab number
  • Offers choice of inspection areas and easy filter
  • Automatically checks for inspection errors
  • Compatible with most Android devices
Pavement Management MobileRater
Pavement Management MobileRater Distress


  • Time saving - no more inspection sheets to write and data to input
  • Consistent data entry - no more illegible handwriting
  • Error-proof - improvement of quality control of distress data
  • Instant PCI preview at the spot
  • Travel light without lugging a laptop or fumbling for papers
  • Environmental friendly, with no more papers
  • MobileRater works on both flexible and rigid pavements.

mobileRater App

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