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Inventory Management

Tracking your inventory with StreetSaver is simple, and the user-friendly interface makes monitoring and changing your inventory a snap.  With utilities such as bulk upload of changes, section split, and section combine, tracking and managing inventory has never been easier. 

Analysis Engine

Budget Needs

Budget Needs assumes an unlimited budget and gives treatment recommendations for 5-30 years into the future.  StreetSaver works to bring all sections to an optimal condition that will allow more cost effective preventive maintenance treatments to be used, versus the more costly rehabilitation treatments required for pavement in poor repair.

Budget Scenarios

Budget Scenarios require you to provide a budget amount and StreetSaver will provide the most cost effective way to invest that budget in order to achieve the greatest possible street condition.

Project Selection

Project Selection let you create projects for individual sections or groups of sections.  Projects are funded first during the Scenario process. You can now program streets that are political or delayed due to utility conflict.

Target Driven Scenarios

Target Driven Scenarios allows you to specify the desired pavement condition by entire network, functional class or by other performance metrics.  StreetSaver will provide the required treatments and funding levels to achieve the specified target.

GIS Toolbox


GIS Toolbox provides representations of your StreetSaver data in map format.  Both pre-defined and dynamic maps can be created, and maps can be exported as shapefiles for use in other GIS applications. 

Section Link

Additionally, users can upload other shapes for inclusion in StreetSaver GIS.
The Section Link utility links the StreetSaver pavement database to a GIS shapefile.  Both an automated and a manual utility are available for linking.

StreetSaver GIS Flyer

The GIS Toolbox requires the purchase of a GIS Mapping Integration.


Inspection and M&R Treatment tracking

StreetSaver provides several options for adding Inspection and Treatment information, including multiple import formats, data entry screens, and mobileRater for handheld devices. It is compliant with ASTM D6433 standards.

Extensive Reporting


StreetSaver has more than 80 pre-formatted reports in categories such as Budget Analysis, Financial Summaries, Inventory, and Network Management.  You can also create your own specific reports with the Custom Reporting Tool. 


Render your StreetSaver data visually with more than 30 graphs. 

Executive Performance Summary

The Executive Performance Summary report is a one page graphical report showing both current conditions and historical trends of your pavement network.  This management tool gives a snapshot of current conditions and trends over the past several years.

Non-Pavement Asset Management Solutions

StreetSaver integrates non-pavement assets easily with an agency’s pavement assets, including Budget Needs analysis and GIS Mapping.

Asset Import Utility

Getting started is often the most difficult step, and StreetSaver has tools to make it easy.  If you have asset inventory in a spreadsheet, Access database, GIS shapefile, or dBase .dbf file, you can quickly be up and running with the StreetSaver Asset Import Utility.

​Other Features

You can track work history, condition ratings and other asset-specific data like Retro-reflectivity for Traffic Signs and ADA Compliance for Curb Ramps. Rating information is dynamic and provides flexibility to the user in deciding how to determine satisfactory ratings. The system also provides projected budget needs analysis based on Service Life as well as dynamic GIS reporting tools*. 

* Please note that a purchase of a GIS Integration is required for GIS reporting tools to be enabled.

Tech Support

If you have purchased a StreetSaver Software Support Services Plan, call our highly trained support staff for immediate assistance.  General support is available within 48 hours using the Support Ticket System.

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