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StreetSaver Executive Performance Summary

All StreetSaver online users can view and print the Executive Performance Summary. This report features a clean, at-a-glance set of historical and current condition numbers, as well as key information that will help you better understand and manage your pavement.

GIS Toolbox

Leverage the power of GIS technology, by analyzing and presenting pavement data in clear and persuasive maps.

Export in shapefile format for use in other GIS systems. Integrate your agency’s custom shapefile or have us create one for you using the US Census Bureau Tiger data.

These features (and many more) come together to create a complete and indispensable tool for your pavement management needs.

The GIS Toolbox requires the purchase of a GIS Mapping Integration.

Pavement Management Software GIS

Analysis Engine

StreetSaver provides a set of powerful analysis tools, including Budget Needs, Budget Scenarios, Target Driven Scenarios, and Project Selection.  The StreetSaver prediction model can project maintenance treatments and costs up to 30 years in the future.

Pavement Preservation performance measures

Non-Pavement Asset Management Solutions

Users can track Inventory, Work History, Condition Ratings and other asset-specific data like Retro-reflectivity for Traffic Signs and ADA Compliance for Curb Ramps. 

StreetSaver integrates non-pavement assets easily with an agency’s pavement assets, including Budget Needs analysis and GIS Mapping.

Traffic Signs transportation asset public works

Condition Assessment

Distress Types

StreetSaver is compatible with the 20 AC- and 19 PCC- Distress Types associated with ASTM D6433, and MTC's ​8 AC- and 7 PCC- Distress Type protocol ​(modified from the ASTM D6433 standard). Users can input inspections manually, upload inspections using one of the spreadsheet or flat file formats, or collect inspection data and upload it automatically using mobileRater.



With StreetSaver, there are more than 80 time-saving and high impact reports just a click away. Reports can be created as PDF Excel and many other formats. You can also create your own custom reports with our Custom Reporting Tool.

Performance Measures Pavement Rating


Put your data to work visually with more than 30 available graphs. If you are creating a presentation for your board or council, StreetSaver has the visual tools to help relay the message you need to deliver. 

StreetSaver Graphs Pavement preservation


Agencies all over the United States are using StreetSaver to manage their pavements and save tons of money...

Tech Support

Having trouble with some aspect of StreetSaver? We pride ourselves on quick response times and successful resolutions. Submit a support ticket and get a prompt response from our support team. If you have purchased a StreetSaver Software Support Plan, call our knowledgeable support staff for immediate assistance.

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