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Support Plans and options to help you get the most out of StreetSaver

Software Support Plan

This plan provides unlimited hours of technical assistance regarding the licensed software, its functionality, database, operations, utilities and supporting documentation via e-mail, telephone, and virtual on-site support system.

$1000 yearly


StreetSaver Training Services Plan

This plan provides one (1) student account to access online courses in StreetSaver Academy and attendance to MTC hosted and recorded webinars free of charge. Includes attending one MTC-sponsored User Week training classes at no charge.

The courses included are:
- StreetSaver Essential Skills
- Pavement Distress Identification Tutorial
- Pavement Condition Assessment
- Project Selection
- GIS Toolbox
- Budget Analysis

$1000 yearly

GIS Mapping Integration

Custom Integration

StreetSaver supports integrating your agency's custom streets centerline shapefile (as well as up to 6 additional layers at time of purchase*). This service will integrate GIS base maps to facilitate the display of pavement data in StreetSaver. This is a one time cost, and the GIS Toolbox includes functionality that allows you to update your centerline file as needed.
*Additional layers must be identified at time of order. Layers subsequent to time of purchase are $400/layer. To update an existing layer, the cost is $500/layer. 

1-5,000 Sections: $3,500

5,000+ Sections: $6,650

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Tiger Integration

If your agency does not have a custom shapefile another option is using shapefiles from the US Census Bureau's TIGER map.


Technical Services Plan

This plan provides for technical support and programming, including system enhancements requested by users, database conversions from other pavement management systems, and assistance with items such as custom data imports and data integration.

A Database Conversion from an old system, can save agencies a considerable amount of time versus trying to create the entire network from scratch. Conversion cost depends on the size of the agency's network and whether all historical inspections and treatments are included. Many database formats are acceptable, including but not limited to, SQL Server, Access, MySQL, Oracle, FoxPro, DB2, Sybase, PostgreSQL, Excel files, GIS shapefiles, and flat files. Files must be submitted first in order to get a price quote.

Software support is excluded.

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Database Migration

This plan is for users of previous versions of MTC's Pavement Management Software. Migration fees are only applicable to MTC PMS 8.0 or earlier users, upgrading to StreetSaver.