Get Your ADA Transition Plan into Action!

Managing your ADA curb ramps is much easier now! If you have an ADA Transition Plan, StreetSaver Plus – Curb Ramps will get it into action!

The Curb Ramps module is designed to augment the existing StreetSaver Plus program. It provides solutions to:

  • Develop an action plan to kick start your ADA Transition Plan.
  • Integrate with pavement assets for pavement preservation and rehabilitation projects.
  • Develop ADA ramp upgrade costs in road maintenance budget planning – avoid last minute sticker shock!
  • Set priorities for barrier mitigation.
  • Minimize liability by reducing ADA litigation for non-compliance.

Features and Benefits

  • ADA Compliance – Tracks your Curb Ramps with a Compliant or Non Compliant status to help manage your work needs.
  • Curb Ramps Work Plan – Develops agency-wide maintenance plans, alongside replacements triggered by paving projects.
  • Assess Maintenance Needs – Performs investment needs analysis for a sustainable curb ramp program.
  • Database Import Tool – User friendly import tool to transfer and update your existing Curb Ramp database. It is designed to make populating and updating inventory simple.
  • Automatically include replacements triggered by pavement alterations.
StreetSaver Curb Ramps
Curb Ramps GIS

Curb Ramps and GIS

  • Provides easy updates and comprehensive tracking of different transportation assets including Signs, and Parking Lots.
  • Easy to create maps based on key parameters of Curb Ramp data that can be fine-tuned with a filter, and display them alongside pavement section data.
  • Instant PCI Preview on GIS Map
  • Reporting, Budgeting, Rating via GIS

Presentation from the National Pavement Preservation Conference



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