mobileRater ™ for Android


  • Android App that runs on Andorid tablet and smartphone. It assists with the collection of pavement distress data and includes a pavement condition index (PCI) calculator.
  • This application is fully compatible with StreetSaver Online and runs on any Android device - your phone, your tablet and even your Kindle Fire.
After purchase, you will be able to download the Android App file from your StreetSaver account, which can be installed on your Android device. You will receive an email with a license key and installation instructions. The installation guide will also be available for download immediately after purchase.

    • Price for 2 or more is $700.00 each (Save $50.00 per item)
    • Price for 6 or more is $650.00 each (Save $100.00 per item)
    • Price for 16 or more is $600.00 each (Save $150.00 per item)