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StreetSaver® Helps Cities, Counties Get Bigger Returns on Pavement Investments

by Joey Kotfica - The Bay Link | Dec 07, 2022


StreetSaver® is a tool that helps cities and counties better maintain their local streets and roads. The software, developed by MTC, is free to Bay Area jurisdictions who receive Pavement Management Technical Assistance, and is also available for license throughout the country.

StreetSaver helps pavement management teams:

  • Plan and manage roadway improvement projects
  • Allocate limited pavement budgets in the most cost-effective manner
  • Predict future street conditions based on different levels of maintenance funding
  • Show the impacts of underfunded road maintenance programs

Key features of StreetSaver help users process data in the ways that are most efficient for their needs: reports, graphs, GIS mapping and more.

Through the use of a standardized pavement condition index (PCI), cities and counties can better determine which streets need the most attention. Because major repairs cost five to 10 times more than routine maintenance, it can help cities and counties spend less overall by investing maintenance dollars more strategically. (See MTC’s most recent findings on Bay Area pavement conditions.)

Learn more about the software and sign up for a 30-day trial at

The companion software, mobileRater, helps inspectors record data quickly and accurately, and can calculate PCI in real time. It is designed to work seamlessly with StreetSaver.

Along with StreetSaver, you can find the Pavement Management Technical Assistance Program (P-TAP) and other related programs in the Technical Assistance Portal, a one-stop shop of technical assistance resources for city and county staff.

Source: Joey Kotfica - The Bay Link