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  • City of Richmond Stays On Top

    by Jose Reyes | Nov 30, 2016
    City of Richmond, CA uses StreetSaver to prioritize its pavement management. Unfortunately, not unlike a majority of older cities from the Bay, Richmond has many aging roads in need of restoration. Residents took note of the matter and wanted action.
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  • Save American Roads with Pavement Preservation

    by DingXin Cheng, Ph.D., P.E. | Nov 08, 2016
    Americans are accustomed to easy mobility on safe, smooth, and well maintained roads and streets. These roads and streets play a critical role in the nation’s economy providing opportunities for agriculture, industry, commerce, and recreation. Unfortunately, many of our roadway networks are deteriorating in quality requiring better management of our assets. This blog discusses the benefits of pavement preservation and importance of integrating it into pavement management systems.
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