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City of Richmond Stays On Top

by Jose Reyes | Nov 30, 2016

RCity of Richmondichmond, CA uses StreetSaver to prioritize its pavement management. Unfortunately, not unlike a majority of older cities from the Bay, Richmond has many aging roads in need of restoration. Residents took note of the matter and wanted action.

Richmond's pavement network is divided into more than 1,800 street segments. Staff collects and inputs conditions and annual budgets into StreetSaver and through its calculation system, the system produces a list of streets to work on.

StreetSaver will always suggest the most cost-effective repairs. Sticking to the program-generated list is useful in improving average condition with limited resources.

Funding cuts and an influx of resident request presented new challenges for city engineers. Prioritization became more difficult. Although engineers use StreetSaver results as their principal guide, they had to consider resident requests, coordination with other projects, and special programs in deciding where to begin work. 

Richmond keeps track of complaints and requests from residents regarding the city’s pavement condition. While it is impossible to quickly address resident requests, engineers are still able to refer to the complaint list and compare it with the priority list produced by StreetSaver.

Despite the issues piling on, Richmond has managed to keep the majority of their network in the PCI range of 55-58 through the course of 7 years.
Utilizing StreetSavers Budget Scenarios they are able showcase the best approach and pinpoint the most cost effective way to spend. With this StreetSaver data they are were able to keep residents informed and at ease.

Richmond’s battle to take back their roads will surely continue on. With StreetSaver, they are equipped to fight the good fight. They progress forward confidently knowing they are spending their time and money where and when they should.

Source: City of Richmond Public Works