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  • Keeping Good Roads Good

    by Jose Reyes | Sep 28, 2015
    Most of us have experienced a situation where we come across a bumpy stretch of road or a rough patch of pavement. As we get to the end of this bumpy stretch, it’s usually the same expression: “Someone should fix that darn road!” Well, should they? StreetSaver’s philosophy, in its simplest terms, is “keeping good roads good”. The entire outlook of applying preventative maintenance to a good road while letting a poor road deteriorate while waiting for funding might seem foreign to many. StreetSaver proves this method to be the most cost effective. How does it do it?
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  • Whats New on

    by Jose Reyes | Sep 04, 2015
    The new StreetSaver site has arrived! Featuring a new look and layout. The new also showcases a wide selection of informational blogs, news, and resources. Here are just a few of the key items the new StreetSaver site has to offer.
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